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IVY Goes West

This trip has been amazing but somehow nothing what I expected. I didn't expect everyone to get along so well. I didn't expect or plan for different scenarios that have happened. I didn't expect so many different personality types, all on one trip. I sure as heck didn't expect to drive up the side of a mountain in our jeep and put all 8 hammocks in a single tree that overlooked the ocean. Most of all I didn't expect to be so inspired in my own life and for my brand.

Sometimes I get so caught up in moments that I forget the goal and the dream I have in my heart for my life and what I'm trying to build into my company. But the entire time we've been out here, I can't take my mind off vision and the reason I'm so fueled by IVY. It doesn't feel like work, and I think it's cause of the group of people out here with me makes it so easy. They're striving for all the same things I want IVY to represent! They're building each other up and loving others well. They're inspiring and happy to be living big! They long for adventure and want a little bit of danger in their lives. Perfect.

It's funny how so many times we try to lean on our own strength for motivation, for vision and for inspiration, but when you surround yourself with the right people, they're the ones you can lean on. Thankful for the community that has come together thru IVY.

Photo by Tyler Leiby

Photo by Natalia Banasik

Photo by Justen Grenell

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