IVY M.A.D Program

Make. A. Difference.

Something we say all the time is "IVY is about more than longboards," but we've been a little bit vague about what that means and where our heart is. To be honest, it's in a lot of places and we want to make impact in a lot of areas in humanity and around the world, however right now, we want to focus on the communities around us every day and in an area we continuly to feel drawn to.

Growing up, we were both very blessed in the environments we were raised and the opportunities provided to us, so we want to use the resources we have at IVY and give back to kids who haven't been as lucky. 

This year IVY is committing to reaching out to communities of underprivileged kids from all walks of life and doing something about it. Whether it's spending time with them, giving away boards and teaching kids how to skate or partnering with larger companies to provide goods and services to meet basic needs, we want to make kids feel loved and valued. 

There is really no greater thing than the joy of a child. Skateboards always seem to make that joy even more vibrant! 

And that's where we come in. In the coming weeks and months we'll be announcing more details surrounding the IVY M.A.D Program and how you, as part of the IVY Community, can get involved.

-Steve & Corey