The Carver 30" in Orange - IVY Lifestyle
The Carver 30" in Orange - IVY Lifestyle The Carver 30" in Orange - IVY Lifestyle


  • Board Only - Baltic Birch 30"


  • Baltic Birch Board - 30"
  • Trucks - Double Kingpin Gullwing
  • Wheels -  61mm Red
  • Bearings - ABEC 7  Madrid
  • Risers - 1/4"


The Carver is one of my favorite boards I've ever built! I've never had so much fun on a board, and most anyone who has taken a ride on The Cruiser agrees that this board feels a lot more like surfing or snowboarding than longboarding! It gives the feeling of floating and always delivers on an amazing time!  At just 30" and equipped with double kingpin trucks, this board can turn on a dime. I was pleasantly surprised to find that you can still go fast without getting speed wobbles! The second kingpin doesn't always kick in, but it's there if you want it! 

This is such a unique looking and riding board and is the board I ride as my personal board! I didn't plan to make this a signature board, but at the request and excitement of anyone who has ridden this board, I wanted to give this opportunity to everyone who comes across this board! The closest I've ever gotten to surfing without being in the ocean, The Carver is a BLAST!

I use a premium grade of Baltic Birch plywood which is a very dense and strong wood most longboards are made from. I hand pick each piece of wood I use and hand craft every board to perfection. IVY boards are built for YOU vs. being built for a shop or showroom. Happily building boards with people in mind.